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Meet Jewela, your homebuying guide.

If you ask us at CrowdToLive® what Jewela’s biggest strength is, we will all tell you that it is her passion for helping home buyers find their perfect home while making sound financial decisions. 

We are pleased to introduce you to our Customer Success Officer, Jewela Luis, who joined CrowdToLive® to help you navigate our unique buying process and provide you with all the information you need to begin the journey to owning your first home. 

Watch now this short video in which Jewela introduces herself: 

Throughout this article, Jewela addresses some questions about her role in helping home buyers and why she’s so passionate about it. 

What’s your experience in Customer Service? 

I graduated with a B.Sc. in International Business and have worked in Customer Service since then. I now have over seven years of experience offering a high level of service to customers in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.  

What do you enjoy the most about your current role at CrowdToLive®  

I love that in my current role, I have the opportunity to speak to many people from different backgrounds and support them on their home-buying journey.  

It’s a very fulfilling experience to be there for first-time home buyers every step of the way. From when they find the perfect property in their chosen area to when the property is funded, and they can move into their new home, which is a huge accomplishment.  

What do Home Buyers find more surprising about CrowdToLive®?  

I think they are surprised by the straightforward process and the fact that they get to choose the property they want to buy. Most of them don’t get it right the first time. Still, first-time buyers always find a house they love, which also meets our criteria.  

How do you achieve success in your role? 

Besides offering support and solutions professionally and diligently, the key is building good customer relationships based on empathy and clear communication. Hence, they know you care and are there for them.  

Where are we most likely to find you outside work?  

At home, cooking in my kitchen. Some people consider cooking a chore, but it makes me happy and relaxed. Probably because when you cook, you have to be in the present moment, and you end up with (hopefully) something others can enjoy! 

Finally, something we’d never guess about you? 

I’m a massive fan of Korean TV shows known as K-dramas. 

If you want to start your home buying journey or have any questions about it, book a call with Jewela today. 

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