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Meet Pankaj, your guide to investing in residential properties.

Pankaj’s biggest strength is his commitment to providing the best customer service to all our investors by using a down-to-earth and approachable communication style.  

We are pleased to introduce you to our investor’s account manager, Pankaj Vashisth. Pankaj will guide you throughout your investor journey and answer all your questions about our investment opportunities.  

Watch this short video in which Pankaj introduces himself:  

Throughout this article, Pankaj addresses questions about his role as an investor’s account manager at CrowdToLive® and what keeps him motivated to achieve the best results.  

What makes you passionate about residential property investment with CrowdToLive®? 

CrowdToLive® offers a unique solution that matches the expectations of high net worth, sophisticated and everyday investors alike by providing an online platform where they can easily access high-yield property investment opportunities without the hassle of regular Buy to Let property investment. 

The properties are fully managed and tenanted, and investors can continuously monitor their investments online. Investing with CrowdToLive® is one of the best forms of accessing bricks and mortar in the UK. 

What do you enjoy the most about your current role at CrowdToLive®? 

The privilege of interacting with investors every day is one of the many perks of my job.  

I am passionate about maintaining and building relationships with existing and potential investors to help them reap the rewards of investing in residential properties.  

What would you want someone to know coming into this role? 

Account managers should focus on more than reaching targets; being customer-oriented with a strong interest in building business relationships with existing and potential investors. 

Because CrowdToLive® is an FCA-regulated fintech company, as an account manager, you need to be ready to learn and adapt to changes in guidelines quickly. 

What do property investors find more surprising about CrowdToLive®?  

Investors find the potential for high portfolio diversification within the UK’s residential market most surprising.  

As investors build their portfolios, they can achieve high diversification in regions, cities, types of properties, and tenants. 

An investor can access real assets that would otherwise be out of reach due to the high capital required by owning a small percentage of the shares of these properties.  

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work? 

Spending time at the gym is one of my hobbies, as well as traveling to new places and getting to know different cultures worldwide.  

If your life was a movie, what would you choose as the soundtrack and why? 

My early college days were filled with listening to Oceans (Where feet may fail) by Hillsong United on repeat. While I was listening to this song at the time, it didn’t mean much to me, but over the course of the past three years, it has become much more meaningful to me. 

It reminds me that no matter how much I’ve struggled at times, my strength and drive to achieve my dreams will never let me give up. It is also comforting to know there will always be someone looking out for me and keeping me strong. 

If you want to learn more about how CrowdToLive® could help you invest in high-yield residential property investment opportunities, you can book a call with Pankaj today. 

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