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How CrowdToLive® works

Check Out Our amazing Process

  • Start owning with a minimum 5% investment

    Our investors pay for the rest

  • The house is paid in full

    You don't need a mortgage and you are debt free

  • You own the part you bought

    You pay rent for the rest

  • You are free to buy more if you wish

    Pay less rent by increasing your share

A Few Benefits

  • Live without debt

    You can start owning your home without debt

  • The home is yours to make your own

    Paint the walls, change the carpets and put up some pictures

  • Stay as long as you like

    Nobody can ask you to leave as long as you pay the rent due

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Secure Payment

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Property investing made easy

About CrowdToLive®


We offer access to property investment through unique solutions using the power of the crowd. Joining CrowdToLive® is simple, fast and completely free.

  • We help you find the right home.

  • Guide you through the buying process.

  • Arrange the home-buying partnership.

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Most common and important answers

You will need a minimum investment equal to 5% of the Property Purchase Cost.

We don’t have a minimum household income per se, however, the rental of your property should not exceed 40% of your annual income.

We’ll need to know:

  • -  How much money you have for a deposit(minimum £10,000)

  • -  Sole or Joint Application

  • -  Your annual and household income

  • -  Your credit report (We require an Experian credit report)

  • -  If you’ve been declared bankrupt or defaulted payments

We may also ask you for some additional information depending on your personal circumstances.

It is important to note that when calculating your annual salary and household income, we do not include any government benefits received.

No. Mortgages are debt based financial products, which is usually reflected on your credit record. With us, you’re not borrowing money. Instead, your home is partially owned by you and the remainder by our community of investors.

Unlike a mortgage, you are not obligated to repay the full cost (plus interest) of the property over a period of time.

You will however be required to pay rent to the investors, on the share that you don’t own.

No, our product allows you to remain debt free.

Unlike the shared ownership schemes, if you choose to sell your home, your property can be sold in the normal way on the open market, without restrictions some of the shared ownership schemes have. For example:

No ‘right to first refusal'. Generally shared ownership providers have first refusal to try to sell your house before you are permitted to market your house on the open market. Their pool of suitable investors is usually limited and as such this often results in a delay to your sale process.

No additional restrictions on your buyer. A number of shared ownership providers will only sell your property to individuals who meet their strict eligibility criteria, which is in addition to the usual criteria placed on buyers from their mortgage lender. To make matters worse, there are a limited number of mortgage lenders willing to loan on shared ownership properties.

Limited Shared Ownership Stock. There are currently only a small number of shared ownership properties available to purchase in the property market. However, with our CrowdToLive® product you are able to apply with most properties currently listed for sale in the open market.

Suitability. We acknowledge that in some cases Shared Ownership might be a better fit than our CrowdToLive® scheme.

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