The CrowdToLive glossary has been created to support your understanding of terminology mentioned on our website.

  • Capital Gain

    ​This is the amount of money your property has increased in value by.

    For Example: ​if you purchase your property for £200,000 and you later sell it for £250,000,you would have made a £50,000 Capital Gain.
  • Capital Gains Tax

    This is the tax that is owed to the government when you make a Capital Gain on your home. We do not provide Tax advice, so you should always seek independent tax advice.
  • Champion

    This is you! This is what we call the person who will be investing into a home whilst also living in it.
  • Default

    ​This is the word we use when you have failed to pay your rent on time.
  • Equity

    This is value you hold in your home.

    For Example: ​If your home costs £200,000 to purchase and you paid £10,000 towards your home during your CrowdtoLive property purchase, you will own 5% of the property.

    Your equity in this example would be 5% of the property, or £10,000!
  • Investors

    ​These are the people who will purchase your home with you.
  • Market Rent

    This will be the average amount of rent charged for a property similar to thehome you are purchasing, in the same area as your home.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

    This is the legal entity (company) that we set up for you, to allow you and the other investors to complete your home purchase.
  • Stamp Duty

    ​This is the tax that you have to pay to the government when you purchase your home.
  • Vendor

    This is the seller - the person who you will be buying your home from.