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How can Property Investment be the best strategy to beat crypto market volatility?

Many of us are familiar with the cryptocurrency market for reaching very high price levels, but it is also famous for its dips. Just over the weekend before June 13, 2022, $200 billion (£166.29 billion) was wiped out from the cryptocurrency market. As we write this article, the Bitcoin price fell below $22,000 (£17,500) after reaching almost $65,000 at the end of 2021.  

This crash in the crypto market was mainly due to the reaction to crypto lending company Celsius pausing all withdrawals, swaps, and transfers between accounts.    

The Cryptocurrency market volatility is desirable because it provides the dynamism required for traders to gain higher profits in a shorter timeframe.

For long-term cryptocurrency investors, it is sensible to have a strategy to protect their capital from the frequent crashes of the crypto market by balancing these volatile assets with other tangible and more stable assets in their investment portfolio.     

Property Investments As Alternative To Crypto

Property investment has continuously benefited investors with good and stable returns. Cryptocurrency investors have an excellent opportunity to combine the advantages of a low-barrier entry market such as crypto with the perks of investing in the housing market.   

When the crypto investment gets valuable enough, investors should consider investing the profit in a property to preserve capital and prevent the losses associated with crypto market volatility.   

The attractiveness of the historically strong housing market as a type of asset is undeniable for its stabilizing effect on investment portfolio performance. However, the downside might be that investors may need more funds or time to buy and manage individual buy-to-let properties.    

The initial high capital and management required for buy-to-let properties, limits the opportunities for investment diversification within the property market.

Also, the risk of vacancy could decrease the net yield.     

A Regulated Property Investment Platform

CrowdToLive’s regulated online platform (Regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)) provides property equity investment opportunities by connecting investors with home buyers.   

CrowdToLive is an innovative solution for investors to effortlessly gain the long-term growth and stabilizing benefits of investing in the housing market without any of the downsides of buy-to-let property investment.    

Investors gain the potential for greater investment portfolio diversification within the housing market with a much more affordable minimum investment amount of £10,000 per property and no management costs.  

The solution is also an income generator for investors who receive quarterly dividends from the rent paid by the tenants (co-owners). Our investment opportunities could pay a higher Annual Net Yield compared to traditional buy-to-let as there are no property management and repairs costs, and the tenant owns part of the property with a minimum of 5% ownership.

If you want to learn more about creating a more stable and diversified portfolio through property investment, feel free to contact us about shared property investment opportunities.    

Please click here to arrange a free, no-obligation call, or give our friendly and helpful team a call at +44 203 542 1452.   

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