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CTL anticipates an increasing appetite for UK Residential Property Investment and financing opportunities

5 April 2022

CrowdToLive® (CTL), a UK based FinTech company, expects to see an increasing appetite for property equity investment and financing opportunities through shared ownership. Mr Laurence Isherwood, Head of Physical Sales channels at CTL shared these thoughts during the Property Investor Show at Excel London on 1st and 2nd April.

“Across the industry, we are seeing an increasing interest in equity investment and financing solutions within the residential property space.” said Mr Isherwood. 

He added “The groups of investors looking at shared ownership can be broadly broken down into two groups. The first group are those attracted to the ethical and debt-free characteristics of the product. The second group of investors look to the product as a solution to diversify their portfolios away from certain traditional solutions that are seen as being more susceptible to economic volatility.” 

Mr Isherwood concluded: “The important thing to remember is that a well-managed property solution through shared ownership, like CrowdToLive®, proves to perform better than a traditional buy-to-let solution.”

Through CrowdToLive®, an FCA regulated online platform, buyers can finance their home without incurring debt, whilst investors can reap the rewards of the housing market without the hassle of tenant management while saving a large part of buy-to-let related costs.

CTL was established in 2016 and has been selected to be part of various incubator and accelerator programs such as Virgin Start Up, Barclays Eagle Labs, London & Partner Accelerator, Qatar Fintech Hub and Natwest Growth.

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