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alternative mortgage

The alternative to a mortgage for Sayed

About Sayed Amin  

Like most of our customers, Sayed is a first-time home buyer who was looking for an alternative to a mortgage. Buying a house can seem daunting initially, but Sayed was ready to become a homeowner and leave his renting days behind.   

Sayed is a compliance officer. He plans to start a family soon and found his dream home in Bradford.  

The challenge  

Sayed’s story raises the question of housing affordability and the lack of interest-free financing options. Sayed struggled to find access to financing that didn’t require a mortgage to buy his new home in Bradford.   

“I have been looking to buy a house for the last few years, but my main obstacle was that I couldn’t find an interest-free finance scheme.”   

The dream home  

Sayed knew where he wanted to live and found a stunning 3-bedroom Town House with a spacious and well-maintained enclosed patio and large garden area in a popular residential location close to shops, schools, leisure, and medical facilities with reliable transport connections.    

“The house was near everything I needed, and the property was lovely.”   

How CrowdToLive® helped Sayed finance his home without a mortgage 

Our innovative Part Own, Part Rent finance scheme helped Sayed to achieve his dream of becoming a homeowner without needing a mortgage.  

Sayed bought the fraction of the property he could afford, and our community of investors covered the rest! As a result, the house is 100% debt-free.  

Unlike with a mortgage, Sayed doesn’t need to repay the cost of the house (plus interest) over time. Instead, he pays rent to investors for the fraction he doesn’t own.  

Thanks to the power of bringing people together, Sayed moved into his new home without the stress of getting into debt, knowing he would have all the flexibility to increase his ownership if he wanted to.  

Our goal is that homeowners will eventually own 100% of their property at their own pace without being burdened by debt in the future. 

Buying a house can be overwhelming at first. That’s why our team is always happy to help every step of the way. Thankfully Sayed found the process easy to understand and straightforward when working with our team.   

“The buying process with CrowdToLive® was excellent, simple, and straightforward.”    

Sayed is now enjoying the freedom of living in his own place and looks forward to all the good memories he’ll make there in time. 

An alternative to a mortgage 

Our ethical-driven platform provides an alternative to a mortgage. We’re proud to be able to help people like Sayed move into their dream homes debt-free.  

We are confident that the world will soon begin to see how equity-based home financing solutions like CrowdToLive® can help transform people’s lives.  

In Sayed’s case, it makes him feel more ready to start a family after achieving his dream of owning his home debt-free and interest-free.  

If you want to learn more about how CrowdToLive® can help you finance your dream home, you can book a call with one of our team members.  

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