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CTL Partners with IFG InvestQuest

12 February 2022

  • CTL platform offers home buyers and real estate investors sustainable and attractive returns through a diminishing partnership.

CrowdToLive® (CTL) is an innovative Sharia-compliant equity funding platform and FCA regulated that offers a real estate investment solution with inflation hedge returns in the UK market. CTL is proud to announce it has partnered with Islamic Finance Guru (IFG) InvestQuest. InvestQuest is a game designed to teach and train individuals to invest like the pros.    

Operating with the highest standards of governance and transparency, CTL is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates. The firm has developed a corporate social responsibility programme that focuses on real estate investment education activities. As part of this, CTL partnered with IFG to participate in supporting the growth of the financial services industry and to further enhance the status of the UK as a leading financial hub in Europe.

Ibrahim Khan, IFG’s CEO & Co-founder, said: “CTL is a much-needed solution to the home financing conundrum many Muslims in the UK find themselves in. I’m excited to have CTL participating in the InvestQuest event and to see how their offering expands and develops in the coming months.”

Commenting on the participation, Anouar Adham, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdToLive®, said: “InvestQuest is an innovative learning initiative that facilitates a teaching and training opportunity to individuals to invest like professionals. The programme endeavours to equip participants with a head-start into investing, interact with a variety of investment companies, and opportunity to expand professional and personal networks. The programme will recognise participants while enhancing personal development skills which we believe will drive growth in the industry.”

He added: “We at CTL are committed to developing Fintech to match the dynamic growth the UK is witnessing. Partnering with the IFG InvestQuest programme will help in the development of talent and inspire professionals that have the right set of skills and qualifications to become the business leaders of tomorrow’s financial industry.”

The photo was taken during the event on 11th February 2022 in London, United Kingdom.

This participation comes after launching CTL innovative Sharia’a compliant world class debt-free partnerships underpinning the needs of both home purchaser and real estate investors. Both parties enjoy sustainable and attractive returns through a diminishing partnership. In other words, homebuyers buy a minimum of 5% of the property shares and pay a CPI (Customer Price Index) linked rent on the portion of the property that they do not own. They can also continue to purchase property shares in the co-ownership at a premium over the market price. Reduced barriers of entry and flexibility of staircase are appealing to potential homebuyers. On the other side, investors buy a maximum of 95% of the property shares and get the CPI linked rent from the homebuyers on the portion of the property shares they own. Additionally, they benefit from limited management costs, limited maintenance liability, reduced income volatility, potential capital gain, and diversification. The opportunity offers a different level of potential return and hence carries a different level of associated risk; only eligible clients can apply. 

CTL was established in 2016 with a shareholder blend of individual, institutional, as well as high-net-worth investors. CTL works on expanding into the GCC, Continental Europe and North America. 

Regulated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), CTL is part of the Virgin StartUp Programme, Barclays Eagle Labs, London & Partner Accelerator Programme, Qatar Fintech Hub and Natwest Growth Programme.

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