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Investment made on the CrowdToLive® website are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
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Why invest with CrowdToLive?

CrowdToLive Halal Investment

  • Investments are mortgage-free, and no interest is earned

  • The tenants have a minimum of 12 months Deposit

  • No estate agents property management costs

  • The tenant signs a 5 year Assured Shorthold Tenancy contract

  • All the properties include building insurance

How CrowdToLive® works

Checkout Our amazing Process

  • Register on CrowdToLive

    You simply need to create your account to be part of our community.

  • Pass Our AML

    We are an FCA regulated company and must ensure the source of the money invested.

  • Invest in Residential Property

    You can invest starting from £10,000.

  • Monitor Your Investment

    With a dedicated dashboard, you can monitor your investment at any stage.

FCA Authorised and Regulated

You can trust our company


We are a FCA Authorised and Regulated company. This means there are certain safeguards on your money, but you are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). We need to safeguard your money by keeping it separate from company funds. To learn more about the FSCS click here.

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Most common and important answers

CrowdToLive® is the name of a scheme operated & owned by Elite Capital and Management Services Limited. It connects Champions (the investor that will be living in the property) to a pool of investors, enabling them to join together and purchase a property.

The minimum investment starts at £10,000.

We conduct due diligence on each Champion and property:

  • Each Champion will have to pass our AML/KYC process, our suitability test and our affordability test.
  • Each property will be valued using a surveyor and a solicitor will do the conveyancing.

You will be investing in a company with unlisted shares. Each investment property is owned by a separate company. Your shares will give you indirect shared ownership in the property and allows you to receive dividends once the company is profitable.

 Be aware that investing in property and property crowdfunding involves downside risks as well as the possibility of rewards and should be considered to be a long-term investment strategy. The downside risks could include a loss of capital, illiquidity and a lack of income.

The amount raised will be used to buy the property and the property will then be rented by the Champion. The rent collected, minus any expenses and taxes, should generate a profit that will be distributed as a dividend by the company. In addition, there is the potential, not a guarantee, for capital appreciation if you sell your shares at a higher price than you bought them for.

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