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Multi-Referral System

Refer a Home Buyer

You will get a £500 commission once your client purchases a property with CrowdToLive®

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Refer a Buy-To-Let Investor

You will get a 2% one-off payment of the funds invested by the investor in CrowdToLive®

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Refer a Mortgage Broker

You will get a £150 one-off payment when a client sent by your referred Mortgage Broker, introducer, or IFA purchases a property with CrowdToLive®

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What is CrowdToLive® ?

CrowdToLive is a property equity finance product that matches people who are looking for an alternative to mortgages with our pool of investors

  • Invest or Purchase a Property

    Refer to us a client who would like to invest in property or purchase his home.

  • Home Buyer pays the rent

    The Home Buyer lives in the property and pays rent on the part they don't own

  • Investors receive a return

    Investors invest in the property and get the rent for the part they own

How It Works?

Take A Look At Our Streamlined Process

  • You Refer Your Client To Our Services

    Avoid missing out on closing deals with clients once they are not approved for a mortgage. Refer these clients to us and give them a second chance for home ownership.

  • We Complete The Due Diligence

    Before approving clients, we verify that they are suitable to our financial service.

  • You receive your commission

    Once your client receives the appropriate funds to purchase the property or successfully invests in one, you will receive your commission directly.

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Benefits For Referring a Home Buyer

Understand why we are your solution

  • Earn £500 In Commission

    We offer our partners competitive commission rates on client referrals that come through their recommendation. T&Cs Apply.

  • Secure More Deals

    If your client is struggling to get a mortgage, direct them to us as an alternative home-buying option without losing out on business.

  • Different Underwriting Criteria Than Banks

    We are distinct from banks because we don't offer mortgages, but an equity finance solution. This means that the customers have no debt and don't have to repay any interest.

Home Buyer Criteria

Before Referring a Home Buyer, Take A Look At Our Criteria

  • Must be employed

    The client must have an employment contract.

  • Must have a minimum of 5% of the property purchase cost.

    The client must have 5% of the purchase property price available when purchasing the property.

  • Must be a uk resident

    Regardless of nationality the client should be living in the UK.

  • No CCJ notices

    We do not accept clients who have been issued a CCJ.

  • No Bankruptcy Or Financial Default

    Clients who have fallen into bankruptcy or have suffered financial defaults in the past will also not be accepted.

  • No Government Benefits

    We cannot consider government benefits or Universal Credit as a source of income.

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Benefits For Referring a Buy-To-Let Investor

Understand why we are your solution

  • Earn 2% of their Investment in Commission

  • The investor receives a long-term income from a stable tenant.

  • FCA regulated platform

  • Direct ownership by way of a standard UK limited company

  • Low entry and exit costs

Criteria for Buy-To-Let Investors

Before Referring a Home Buyer, Take A Look At Our Criteria

  • Min. £50,000 Investment

  • Pass Our AML Check




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Benefits For Referring a Mortgage Broker

Understand why we are your solution

  • Earn £150 in Commission

  • Help a colleague

  • Increase the power of the ecosystem you are part

  • Refer 5+ Mortgage Brokers and get introduced to new potential clients.

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Criteria for Mortgage Brokers

Before Referring a Home Buyer, Take A Look At Our Criteria

  • UK Based

  • FCA Regulated

  • Company registration is England and Wales

  • Operating for the last 12 months

Property Criteria

We Have Listed Out Our Property Criteria Below

  • Up To £500,000 Property Price

    Our buying scheme can include properties with a market price of up to £500,000.

  • No Auction, HMO or Off-Plan Properties

    We cannot accept properties that are up for auction, HMO or any off-plan houses.

  • No Shared Ownership or Help To Buy

    Funding cannot be provided for properties under shared ownership, or as part of a Help to Buy scheme.

  • No over 60s housing scheme

    We cannot accept properties that are part of the over 60s housing scheme.

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Most common and important answers

Rent affordability will be calculated by considering 40% of the client's annual income. This is the maximum amount that they can afford to pay in annual rent.

The clients will pay a one-off service fee of 3% of their deposit amount. In addition to this, they have a non refundable survey fee and annual building insurance.

Yes, we don't accept property with a market price over £500K, off-plan new builds, auction properties, shared ownership and properties being purchased through the help to buy government scheme.

Clients can stay in the property for as long as they wish, as long as they keep up with their monthly rental payments. We also offer clients the option of increasing their ownership in the property every 3 months, if they wish to do so.

No, as we are not a lender. They do not need to worry about their credit score being affected when applying through us.

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